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Cape Gelidonya

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Cape Gelidonya

Cape Gelidonya, formerly Kilidonia or Killidonia is a cape or headland on the Teke Peninsula in the chain of Taurus Mountains, located on the southern coast of Anatolia between the Gulf of Antalya and the Bay of Finike.

During the classical Greek and Hellenistic eras, it was called Chelidonia (meaning swallows), and a group of five small islands, as Chelidonia nessoi. In Roman times, it was known as Promontorium Sacrum (Latin for "Holy Promontory"), and the group of islands as Chelidoniae Insulae.

You can take the Likya path which is 12km to discover the beautiful view from the Lighthouse of Gelidonya.

Cape Gelidonya
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